Improving post-discharge outcomes

Since the 1980s, the hospital readmission rates are STILL teetering around 1 in every 5 patients.

That’s 20% of all patients that leave the hospital boomerang right back into the hospital.

As a former hospital and community/retail pharmacist, I’ve witnessed what I call the ‘great divide’ firsthand. Continuity of Care was and continues to be a HUGE ISSUE.

Home care agencies, like Aloma Homecare, can make a tremendous impact on improving post-discharge outcomes.

Having a home health aide and care expert after a hospital stay can:
1. Aid with the transition
2. Promote speedier recovery at home
3. Provide comfort
4. Help address pain and symptoms.

For more information about our home care services, call us at 281-845-2466.

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Improving post-discharge outcomes

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