Home Care in The Woodlands & Surrounding Areas, Texas

payment methods

Forms of Payments:

Aloma Home Care conveniently accepts online payments through ACH (Automated Clearing House) as the preferred payment type. We also accept all major credit cards with a nominal fee. Aloma Home Care has automatic bill payment. Call our certified senior care advisor at 281-845-2466 today.

VA Pension with Aid and Attendant Benefit:

Funds are available to Veterans and surviving spouses of Veterans to assist them with paying for a caregiver to come to their home. How do you qualify? We partner with Care Planning Institute (CPI), an accredited VA benefits agency to help  you and your family secure and maintain VA benefits for in-home care. Call our Certified Senior Care Specialist at 281-845-2466. 

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance:

Long term care insurance plans pay for senior care. Aloma Home Care will provide policy holders with all the required documentation to the Long-Term Care Company to get reimbursement for home care services. We understand that families can spend hours getting all the documentation together to get reimbursed for their care expenses. Families are not medical billers! 

We offer a one-stop-shop for all policy holders to get the correct paperwork together and sent to LTC Insurance company. NO MORE MEDICAL BILLING. Call today for details. 281-845-2466. 

Here is a List of Long-Term Care Insurance Plans and Contact Information:

Mutual of Omaha818-597-3227http://www.mutualofomaha.com/
Genworth Financial818-597-3227https://www.genworth.com/
State Farm Mutual LTCI818-597-3227https://www.aaltci.org/cities/state-farm-long-term-care-insurance.php
Thrivent Long-Term Care Insurance818-597-3227https://www.thrivent.com/insurance/long-term-care-insurance-select-state
National Guardian Life LTCI818-597-3227https://www.nglic.com/
Northwestern Mutual Long-Term Care818-597-3227https://www.northwesternmutual.com/long-term-care-planning/
Transamerica Long-Term Care Insurance818-597-3227 https://www.transamerica.com/insurance/life-insurance
Bankers Life & Casualty LTC Insurance818-597-3227 https://www.bankerslife.com/
Met Life Long-Term Care Insurance818-597-3227 https://www.metlife.com/ltc/
John Hancock LTC Insurance818-597-3227 https://www.johnhancock.com/help-center/long-term-care.html
Prudential Long-Term Care Insurance818-597-3227 https://secure.prudential.com/ltc/
UNUM Long-Term Care Insurance818-597-3227 https://www.unum.com/employees/benefits/disability-insurance/long-term-disability-insurance
CNA Long-Term Care Insurance818-597-3227 https://www.cna.com/web/guest/cna